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 FIREWOOD/TREE SERVICE - All firewood has to be purchased from local area.  Must show dated receipt of purchase at front gate/guard house to enter Woodsmoke.  All others will be turned away.  Skids and scrap lumber is allowed.  This is to protect our trees here in the park.

Jack's Tree Service 815-712-8356
Taylor Tree Service 815-992-0339
Miller Tree & Stump Paul 815-252-3298
  Aaron 815-343-2463
Shelton Tree Service Rodney 815-712-8356
  Aaron 815-712-5628
Weber Tree Service 815-942-9232
Grogan Tree Service 815-941-9031
Beshoar, Mike Tree Service 815-436-5676
Howard Roux Tree Service 815-434-0002
Gretencord Tree Service 815-433-0921
Illinois Valley Lumberjacks 815-431-0269
J & J Firewood Sales 815-434-1334
  cell 815-790-4390


   Key: (AL) Adult Lounge, (WT) Western Town, KCR (Kid's Craft Room) (PAI) Pavilion 1, (BC) Basketball Court, (PA2) Pavilion 2, (PA2-TC Tennis Court at Pavilion 2, (HP) Horseshoe Pits, (CR) Craft Room, (OP)  Outside Pavilion by Front Gate, (HP)  Horseshoe Pits, (FL) Front Lake (HB) Horse Barn   (PA3) Pavilion 3 just west of the barns, (TC) Tennis Court by Pool #2

Date Day Time Event Location
11/4 Sun 10am Board Meeting: approve 2019 budget, # of lots at Woodsmoke, Miles?, Acres?  Why we allow horses at Woodsmoke PA1
12/8 Sat 11am Children's Christmas Party PA1




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