Woodsmoke Ranch Association

Board Meeting Minutes June 27, 2021

Terry Welcomes all.  He call the meeting to order and asks everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Terry opens Roll Call: Kerry LaVan, Jim Rinehart, Terry Perillo, Dave Owens, Jerry Parks.  Absent:  Cindy Romanowski and Ray Bauer.  Jim makes Motion to excuse Cindy and Ray from the meeting. Dave seconds.   All in favor.  Motion is passed.

Jim – Makes motion to include in this meeting items not on the meeting agenda; i.e., pump 2 repair; make-up date for yard sale; Closed Session of Board after today’s meeting.   Dave seconds.  All in favor. Motion is passed.

Terry – Makes a Motion to accept Board Meeting minutes of May 1, 2021 as printed.  Dave makes motion to approve the minutes of May 1, 2021.   Kerry seconds motion. All in favor. Motion is passed.

Jim – Makes a Motion to defer minutes of last Closed Board Meeting until the next meeting.  Jim makes a Motion to approve the deferral.  Dave seconds.  All in favor. Jim makes motion to defer open meeting and closed meeting of May 2.  Dave second.  All in favor.  Motion is passed. 

Terry – Regarding the abuse of electricity in the Park, some lot owners feel electricity is free but it is not.  We raised the  budget on electricity a year ago and last year it went over $27,000.  This year, we’re at a rate where we could go over that by another $20,000.  At this rate, in Fall, we’ll need to add about $50,000 unless people cut back.  Woodsmoke lots are getting like downtown Chicago with lights.  Lights are left on when lot owners are not here.  Some are on timers even when lot owners are not here.

Terry – On the topic of electricity, the WS policy has been that we call lot owners when air conditioners were left on when they were not in the Park, then at some time during the week the lot owner would come out and turn it off.  The grace period is now over.  We are now serious and lot owners will be fined. Board cannot be everywhere.  We appreciate help from all lot owners to help us realize lot owners who are leaving air conditioners on. We are hoping this will help WS electricity use to stay down.

Terry – On the topic of the Car Show on July 4th:  The State of Illinois contacted us and  they will come out to the Car Show and give Pfizer vaccines and Johnson & Johnson vaccines (for children of 12 yrs or older). Three weeks later, they will provide the 2nd Pfizer vaccine in our Adult Lounge. Watch the Woodsmoke website for further details.

Dave – Good Morning!  There will be a tribute to former Woodsmoke President Vince Pacetti who passed away.  The date of the tribute is July 17th at 4pm and will be held outside the front of the Woodsmoke office.  A pear tree was chosen to be planted in his honor by his wife, Sharon, and will be planted in front of the office.  The Pacetti family will be there and park lot owners are invited to celebrate Vince’s life at the tribute and viewing pictures and slideshows and there will be an opportunity for a few people to speak. At the tribute, there will also be a dedication of PA1 to Vince Pacetti.

Dave provides Treasurer’s Report.  As of 6/27/21, the checking and savings total $997,722.59. Capital reserves $212,345.09.  For a grand total of $1,210,067.68.  A Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report is made by Jim.  Kerry seconds. Roll call:  Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  Motion is made and passed to accept Treasurer’s Report with all ayes

Dave provides Realty Report.  During May, 2021, there were 10 closings  at Woodsmoke Ranch and $6,936 was collected by Woodsmoke for the month of May.  There was a total of 22 closings on properties this year for an annual total collected so far of $17,249.60.  In 2020, there were 83 sales with a total amount given to WRA of $53,728.50.  Jim added:   We’re at our lowest rate of property available for sale as we are moving real estate quickly. 19 sites available right now.  4th of July is always a busy time for lookers.  Normally there are about 40 available lots and units for sale.

Jerry – Security Report.  Between now and 4th of July, and always, remind your guests to go 10MPH.  If someone needs help, call 911, then call the guardhouse so we can guide an ambulance to your lot.  Jerry stresses that hitching posts make for easy sight of lot numbers by ambulances.  On July 4th, due to car show, there will be one way into the Park and one way designated to go out.  Lot owners’ flood lights need to be turned off to respect your neighbors, especially when you’re not here.  Jerry is happy to see faces without masks!  Jim added, there are many complaints of dogs running at large in the Park. There is zero tolerance for dogs running at large at WS.  People and dogs are getting attacked and dogs are doing business on other lots.  A $300 fine has been set.  Don’t hesitate to call security to take care of issues with dogs out of control right away.  No dog is safe…it can turn in a heartbeat.  It’s an animal.  Terry adds, leashes are the only way for your dog to be in Woodsmoke.  There are no pens or dog tracks allowed. If your dog is off the leash, you’re subject to fine.

Kerry –  A Casino bus trip is coming up end of July.  Register before July 19th or we will cancel the event.  We always need volunteers for the haunted house oranytime, even to put paint on kids faces or to pick up trash around the Park for an hour or longer.  We still need volunteers for the Car Show next weekend.  We will reschedule the yard sale. 

No Old Business –

New Business –

Terry – We are releasing our present attorney, Jerry Justice and hiring Mike Shifrin.  Mike Shifrin will be charging a monthly retainer fee of $950. He will charge us more if services are provided beyond general charges described in retainer.  $2,000 a month was charged by former attorney, Jerry Justice.  Dave adds: Illinois condominium associations are Mike Shifrin’s specialty.  He will rewrite our bylaws and keep our condominium rules updated.  His retainer includes open phone calls, and the writing of letters, emails and faxes on behalf of the Park.  The Board is impressed with his knowledge.  The other attorney did not have the best interest of WS at heart.  Jim makes a motion to retain Mike Shifrin for $950 and hire him as our attorney.  Dave seconds his Motion.

Roll call:  Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  Motion is made and passed with all ayes.

A Motion to release Attorney Jerry Justice is made by Jim.  Jerry seconds his Motion.  Roll call:  Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  The Motion is made and passed. Emails will be sent to release Jerry Justice and to hire Mike Shifrin. 

Terry – Board had an Emergency Meeting regarding the replacement of well pump No. 1. Vote was taken at that time  to spend $27,922 to replace the pump. Jim adds:  The Friday before Memorial Day weekend, the pump went down.  Our pumps feed each other, and if we would have left it down, on Memorial Day we would have had no water. Jim makes a Motion to accept $27,922 payment to Area Well & Pump, Inc.  Terry makes a Motion to approve the payment. Dave seconds.  Roll call:  Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  Motion is madeand passed with all ayes. Terry adds that the last time the pump was worked on was 1987. 

Well pump No. 2 has almost the same problem. But all that is wrong at this point is just the check valve.  So replacement is not necessary. A Motion is entertained by Jim to make payment to Area Well & Pump, Inc. $13,018 for the repair of Pump No. 2.  Dave seconds.  Roll call:  Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  Motion is made and passed with all ayes.

Terry – The topic of renaming PA1 is presented. PA1 will be renamed Pacetti Pavilion. Dave makes a Motion to rename PA1 “Pacetti Pavilion”.  Kerry seconds.  All in favor. 

Dave – We are making way for the streaming of board meetings to be done by Woodsmoke to the Woodsmoke website.  We are purchasing equipment to stream board meetings on our website instead of general facebook.  The cost is under $400 with cameras and software.  The streaming of open meetings gets information to many more lot owners. 

Terry –  We are down a couple work trucks now.  The Board is allowed to spend $10,000 without Park approval.  In 1987, we could get a truck for $10,000.  The Board requests approval to spend up to $25,000 on vehicles one at a time.  We have an opportunity to purchase at auctions and we need the money readily.  The trucks are used not only for plowing but every day maintenance of the Park.  Jim makes a Motion to bring bid for new vehicles up to $25,000, per truck, one truck at a time.  Dave seconds.  Roll call: Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  Motion made and carried with all ayes.

Dave – on Storage Lot Terms and Conditions.  Office has a long waiting list for WS storage lots.  Some storage spots actually have trees growing on them right through recreation vehicles stored on them.  Letters are going out to reach out to people in an effort to open up rentals to people on waiting list. We are reviewing current Storage Terms and Conditions form and it will be required to be filled out and signed every year now. Dave states that currently, if you use storage space beyond your contract time, the penalty is $10, which is ridiculous. Dave made a Motion to discuss and raise the penalty on our Storage Terms and Conditions to $50, and adding a new signature requirement for each year.  Jerry seconds.  Roll call: Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  Motion made and carried with all ayes.

Jim – makes Motion to go into Open Session for questions and input of lot owners:

Jack Hayes #1464 suggested that the 6 lot categories be added up together and divided up among the lot owners in an effort to have all lot owners pay the same dues.  Terry commented:  The set up of the 6 categories is in our bylaws and cannot be changed without approval of all the lot owners.  When the builders of the Association sold lots, they took the bunch into the county and got tax numbers and the dues were set on those, and so on for 6 different times and 6 categories.  They are registered by the county. They started raising everyone’s dues10%, then 20%.  It became farther apart from category 1 to 6.  Then 14 years ago, they realized the dues were too far apart and started charging a set surcharge instead.  We can’t undo what was done.

#1464 asks:  Question: Can we add a Category 7?  Again, Terry comments, we can’t undo what was done.  Jim comments: We can’t change what is in bylaws. A lot owner can start a petition to be signed and taken to lot owners for vote, but every lot owner must agree on it.  You can also bring a petition to a Category 1 lot owner petitioning that Category 1 dues be brought up to Category 6.  Good Luck!  Jim went on to add:  Everyone owns part of the Park. Category 6 owns more than Category 1. Bylaws can only be changed by vote of the Park and petition.

#1464 asks another question:  Would you be interested in raising revenue for Woodsmoke and not have to raise lot dues?  He makes suggestion of electric golf carts and stickers issued at $100 per lot owner.  With 25% of lot owners at $100 per lot owner for a golf cart, $37,125 can be brought in.  He goes on to say golf carts are environmentally friendly, control speeders, and they would include headlights and taillights for safety.

Terry comments:  Personally, he’s not willing to go along with electric golf carts and nor to have 100 golf carts charging with electricity.  He goes on to say, the Park is not built for golf carts.  There are too many hills and ravines.  Golf carts and even kids on scooters are hard to see.  Dave expresses concern that kids would be trying to use them to go to the pool or something and accidents could happen.

#1464 says golf carts are tall and positives outweigh the negative, safety being one of them.  Jim suggested that #1464 come on 4th of July and imagine 100 golf carts driving around.  Electric cables are from 1982 and will absolutely not withstand that draw of electricity.  It will snap cables.  Even upcoming electric cars are huge draws of electricity.  With electric cars becoming a future possibility at WS, we may have to come up with cables to withstand the draw.  #1464 comments that  even lawnmowers require battery charges like a golf cart.  He thanks the Board for their time and consideration of this issue.

Ray Rodriguez #990.  Would the Board support a technology and/or preparedness committee to listen to owners’ suggestions and formulate proposals and bring them to the Board?  Would the Board sponsor someone to receive the committee’s proposals? An example may be to have an app to contact lot owners to turn off their air conditioning.   Another example of a proposal may include temporary stop signs for busy weekends. He suggests additional Emergency services…AED’s can be gotten on grants for FREE.  AED’s can be deployed before an ambulance arrives.  Terry assures #990 that both pools and the office have them.  Dave says we are willing to listen to a group with ideas.  #990 asks that the Board be open to conclusive suggestions prior to board meetings and that suggestions get on board meeting agendas.  #990 volunteered to be part of such a committee to bring suggestions to the Board.  Jerry says suggestions would be welcome. Jim is open to it.   Terry invites #990 to give information to Dave for our WS website to open this idea to the Park.  #990 thanked the Board for their time. 

#990 asks:  With streaming, since this is under the Condominium Act, will there be a log-in instituted since the board meetings are supposed to be for the Board Owners only?  Dave comments that Woodhaven and other campgrounds have open board meetings such as this and what needs to be in private and Closed sessions is locked to the public. 

#990 asks further:  With meetings with finances etc. will it be restricted to “owners only” moving forward.   Dave and Jim agree the Board will look into this.  Jim and Dave thank Ray for volunteering.  Terry opened the floor for other questions from lot owners.  There were none.

Terry:  Terry suggests the Board continue in Closed Session at this point.  Jim makes a Motion to continue into Closed Session in the main office for privacy for the purpose of discussing personnel, finances, and real estate.  Dave seconds.  Roll call: Kerry, Jim, Terry, Dave, Jerry.  Motion made and carried with all ayes.

Terry thanks all for coming.