Attention Campers,

On Saturday, October 22 we will have our annual kids trick or treating day. The back gate will be open to lot owners (lot owner/guest stickers only) entering the park from 10:00 to 1:45. The front entrance will serve as an entry point only until 4:00.  TO eliminate traffic during trick or treating, at 1:45 anyone entering the front gate will have to park their cars before the stop sign. Just as we did the day of the car show, exiting the park will be the exit by the horse barn only.  All normal entries and exits will resume at 4:15. Woodsmoke will prohibit driving unless it’s an absolute emergency! *Citations will be issued to anyone driving during trick or treating from 2-4.

*Be sure your guests arrive early with completed passes to enjoy our festivities!

Woodsmoke Ranch

Board of Directors