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Need to get a hold of Woodsmoke Ranch?  Our contact information and various forms are listed below.  Be sure to check out our FAQs below as they might resolve your issue.  If not, we are here to help!


2795 E 28th Rd,
Seneca, IL 61360


Call Us


Front Gate: 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year
Cafe: 7am – 7pm
Real Estate Office: By Appointment Only
Adult Lounge: 6am – 6pm

Have an emergency?

In case of emergency, please call 911. 

The board also asks that if possible, you also call the front gate (815-357-6420) to inform them of the incoming emergency support.  This will allow us to attempt to get a guide to the front gate before the emergency vehicles arrive.  We know our park can be tricky to navigate, and we want to help guide them to you as fast as possible.

Seneca non-emergency Police: 815-357-8726

Illinois State Police (Dist. 17): 815-224-1171

LaSalle County Sheriff's Department: 815-433-2161

Seneca Crime Stoppers Tip Line: 877-891-6141

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Interested in our campground?

For those who are interested in becoming a lot owner here at Woodsmoke Ranch, you can get in touch with our Real Estate team right here on our website. We highlight most of our available lots in our Available Lots lists, but please contact our Real Estate Office  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve guest camping?
You can call the office during normal working hours and make the reservations directly with our staff.  Guest camping has individual camping lots equipped electric and water hookups, cabins, and park models.  The office can be reached at 815-357-6420 option 5.
How do I order a pump out and how long does it take to receive one?
Ordering pump outs is done over the phone by calling 815-357-6420 option 1 and leaving a message clearly with your name and lot number.
For the pump out to be completed we recommend expecting a week to 10 days, but in most instances its much less. For upcoming busy weekends expect longer wait times so plan ahead.
What do I need to have a permit for?
We recommend that any work being done on the outside of your trailer should have a permit, including cutting trees down, adding to your deck, building screenhouses, and replacing any roofs. Replacing parts of your deck don’t need one as long as you are not adding additional footage on to it. Work done on the inside of your trailer does not require a permit unless you are doing major renovations. Click here to apply for a permit.
Can I cut down trees on my lot or on common ground?
You first need a permit to cut down trees and you can ONLY cut down dead trees. You can cut down dead trees on common ground, but it is at your own expense. If you feel a dead tree is on common ground and would like the park to cut it down, you must go into the office and add it to the existing list of trees to cut down. The park only allows a certain number of trees to cut down per year, so there may be a waiting period for that to be completed.
How do I get guest passes?

All visitors are required to show a Guest Pass at the front gate. Guest Passes are available for purchase during open hours at the Office for $4 or at the front gate for $8.

Permits & work orders

We pride ourselves on ensuring our campground is visually pleasing to all who drive through.  As such, we require permits and have guidelines on building on any lot in the park.  If you are ready to get your next project underway at Woodsmoke, you will need to reach out and request a permit.

Work Orders

Need to do some improvements?


Having Guests or Planning an Event?


Done for the Season?

Woodsmoke Campground Rules

To help make the Woodsmoke experience more enjoyable to our Property Owners and Guests please observe the following campground rules. Please note, lot owners are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Respect & Responsibility

Woodsmoke is a campground, treat your neighbors and fellow campers with respect.  

Lot Owners are responsible for the conduct of children and guests.

Speed Limit

The speed limit is 10 mph throughout Woodsmoke and is strictly enforced.


Never leave your campfire unattended. If you plan on being away for more than a few minutes, extinguish the fire completely.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from midnight to 7:00 a.m. This means all music and or noise stops at midnight.

 As a rule, if noise can be heard from 50 feet away, or two lots, it is too loud at any time of the day or night.

Public Conduct

Vulgar and obscene language is prohibited in public at Woodsmoke. Use of this language, either personally or from your music, could result in a fine.


No glass container of any form, or glass bottles are allowed in the Pavilion


Hands, feet and all body parts must be kept confined within a moving vehicle at all times.


All pets must be kept on a leash—even when on your lot.

Pets must current vaccination tags.

Pets are not allowed in the activity areas or events including the open markets and Pavilion.


Curfew is 10pm for anyone under the age of 18, you must be with your parents/ legal guardian and or on their lot.

Additional Rules

These rules are not inclusive of all behavior and conduct expected at Woodsmoke Ranch.  They serve as a framework for the conduct expected from those in our park to help keep our park great.  We reserve the right to add or amend rules as needed.

Rules and Regulations


Terry Perillo, President

Woodsmoke Member Since 1999
Board Member Since 2011

Dave Owens, Vice-President 

Woodsmoke Member Since 2008
Board Member Since 2017

Jerry Parks, Security and Stables

Woodsmoke Member Since 2008
Board Member Since 2017

Jim Rinehart, Treasure, Secretary and Rules/Regulations Committee Chair

Woodsmoke Member Since 2011
Board Member Since 2021

Kerry LeVan, Recreation

Woodsmoke Member Since 1984
Board Member Since 2011

Brian Cannaday, Volunteer Group Chair, Park Manager

Woodsmoke Member Since 1984
Board Member Since 2022

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