Come play Euchre with us !


Mona T Rose shared a link
• 16h a Howdy Ranchers… our first Euchre game will be on
Friday, May 28th, Memorial weekend in the adult lounge
7:00pm. 3 Individual snacks will be provided. Please let
me know if you might attend. There will be someone there
teaching us for those of us that don’t know how. This is
a game of four people per table so l will need to know
how many tables I need. We can discuss at that time if
you’d like to continue and I will get approval through the
office. I’m super excited, you can privately message me if
you have any other questions or just put it on here. овов If
you would like to play ahead of time, I’d be happy to do
that as well. I will be out this coming Friday night and
leaving Saturday afternoon. I could play in the evening
on Friday or on Saturday morning, but there has to be
four of us. Yay !! can’t wait