Woodsmoke Ranch has been given the opportunity to purchase 28 acres of land adjacent to the park on the south side. The land is being offered to us for $8,000 per acre for a total cost of approximately $224,000. This land is currently not developed and is being used as farmland.

The Park needs 66.8% of the lot owners to vote YES to be able to purchase this land. With 1485 lots, that means we need at least 990 votes. So, your YES vote is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! All lot owners who do not vote are automatically counted as a NO vote.

There are other investors interested in this piece of property who are willing to pay more money per acre, but the current owner has given us first right of refusal. The property is ours if we get enough lot owners to vote YES. If we lose this opportunity, we lose control over what may or may not be built on the land which happens to be in our front yard.

We are accepting ballots in three ways. Ballots can be dropped off in person at the office (or through the mail slot on the door after hours), sent through the mail, or sent by email. If you choose the latter, we are required to have a signed “Electronic Communication Consent Form” from you on file. This form can be downloaded from the website or picked up at the office.

For more information, come to the Q&A session in the adult lounge on Saturday, September 4 from 11:00-12:00 or feel free to contact the office for more information. Help spread the word! This is a big deal and a great opportunity for all of us to own more property.