Hello Fellow Woodsmoke Rancher’s,

After making great strides this past Labor Day weekend collecting ballots for the land acquisition, we thought you’d like an update on how we are doing. So many of you took the time to drop off your ballot and it made a huge difference!! As of today, over fifty percent (50%) of the total number of lots at Woodsmoke have voted in favor of the land acquisition. This is great news for Woodsmoke!

While we are now much closer to our goal, the work is not done. We still need more YES votes to make this pass. If you have not yet voted, please do so. We are accepting ballots in three ways, in person, by email and by postal mail. Ballots can be dropped off in person at the office (or the drop slot in the door after hours) or at the front gate. To vote by email, first complete the email consent form found on the website and send it to the office. A ballot will be emailed to you which you can then return to the office. And then lastly, we will soon be sending ballots in the postal mail to all lot owners who have not yet voted. Ballots will be accepted until October 31.

If you have already voted YES, thank you!! Now we really need your help. Please encourage your neighbor to cast their ballot if they have not done so yet. Ask everyone if they have voted yet and feel free to bring them a ballot. If anyone needs a ballot picked up from their lot, call the office and an official will pick it up. We need everyone’s help if we want this to pass. Let’s get this done!!

We will keep you posted on our progress.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Ranch.

Dave Owens