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We hope you have looked around and like what you’ve seen.  If you are considering becoming a Woodsmoke Lot Owner, below is some information which you may find helpful.  

Enjoy Your New Getaway

Woodsmoke Ranch is here to help our Ranchers relax before anything else.  We have a wide variety of events and activities, but nothing beats kicking back on your deck and enjoying a nice campfire.  Our Ranch has some familys which have now been here for generations, who are a testiment to how much they enjoy being here!  Is it time for you to become a Woodsmoke Rancher?

Relax Your Way

The best part of Woodsmoke Ranch is that we own our land.  That is so important to the difference between campground choices.  Your land is yours and you get to build your dream getaway the way you want, so you can enjoy it for years to come.  We have rules and regulations to keep the park beautiful, and it really makes a difference.  If you want to see for yourself, head to our Real Estate section and reach out for a tour!

 Helpful Links about Woodsmoke Ranch Lifestyle 


Woodsmoke has a wide variety of amenities to make your time here more enjoyable.  Come see what all the fuss is about! 


On or off season you will always find something going on at Woodsmoke Ranch.  If your eagar to be active, have a look!


Curious about how we do things?  Hop over to our FAQs to have a look at some of the things lot owners want to know.  

Nearby fun

Woodsmoke is tucked away from, but within a short drive of all sorts of adventures… and ya know, extra S’more supplies.

What Makes Woodsmoke the Best Campground?

Inclusive Utilities

Our Rancher dues cover Electric and Water service.  As you can imagine that is a huge savings over the year to our Ranchers.


Well-Maintained Grounds

Woodsmoke boasts nearly 2000 lots, and we are proud of the roads, bridges and lovely common areas that fill the park.

Ideally Located

We are a short drive from Chicago, yet we are a world apart.  Come unwind in a secluded and beautiful location close to home.

Does Woodsmoke Sound GREAt to you?


Woodsmoke Occupancy

Woodsmoke Ranch is open year-round for the enjoyment of our property owners and guests. The front gate is staffed 24-hours a day, 365 days per year.  

Woodsmoke Ranch has a dedicated Real Estate Team which helps all new potential Ranchers.   They would be happy to answer any questions you might have and discuss which lots we have available at the moment.  Ask about a tour to experience the campground for yourself.

We have the perfect lot for your new recreational vehicle or a lot with trailer, shed, and deck.  Call the real estate team or fill out our form to begin your journey.

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