Woodsmoke Ranch is a campground open all year long !! It offers many activities for individuals or families. While the activities or events are scheduled during the summer, some people choose to come out during the winter months to visit as well. Some may say there are more opportunities to view nature in the park during the winter. Some just prefer the quiet. Either way, one of our largest concerns is for the safety of all visitors, all year long.  There are different obstacles to be aware of if you are visiting in the winter. Some things to consider to begin with are power, water, road conditions and help.

     In the winter, Woodsmoke is not as densely populated as compared to the summer time. That being said, it is a good time for the workers to make repairs to the electric. You may want to call prior to coming out, to see if there are known power outages that would include your lot. 

     Water freezes. As this is a campground, the trailers are not well insulated and often water in the lines or hoses freeze. Sometimes this causes damage which may not be seen until a spring thaw. We do not recommend use of water in a trailer during the winter months.

One of the largest concerns is road conditions. As you have seen driving a round Woodsmoke in the summer, we have many ravines, deep ditches and hills. Winter poses often dangerous driving conditions. It is easy to slide off the road, get stuck on a hill or simply loose control. Even with the popular four-wheel drive vehicles, it can be difficult to try to stop from sliding down an icy hill.

As mentioned above, there is few people at Woodsmoke during the winter months. It can be more difficult to get help in a timely fashion, weather it be a tow truck, or an ambulance for medical help, it can take longer.

While we love our campground, and all it has to offer, your safety is a priority for us. We are asking for your own safety, to consider the options, before making your journey out.